KG Cremation Developers

Towards Greener Crematoriums

This system is a step forward to Modern Cremation System; normally people are reluctant to cremate their loved one in Electric / Gas Cremation system. This system is so designed that cremation is done in the traditional way without extreme pollution.
A bed of wood is prepared on the cremation trolley, all the rituals are carried on the Trolley itself and then it is subjected to fire, some rituals are again carried out, the trolley is pushed into the cremation furnace. The cremation is done in controlled environment and with the help of magnetized air.
Provision is made to perform a most important ritual in Hindu Cremation System “Kapal Kriya”. Door provided in the furnace is open to perform this ritual and then the furnace door is closed.
The flue gas coming out from the cremation chamber is scrubbed with pump and released to the environment through a 100 ft. chimney.

Equipment & Maintenance

Gas Based (CNG/LPG)

Electric Based

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

  Repair & Servicing: In Special case